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Save a million dollars per trial with fully virtual site monitoring

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Eliminate the cost of monitor travel time and expense

Improve quality by monitoring sites continuously throughout the trial

Reduce trial start-up and database lock timelines 

ICHE6 (R2) does not require on-site monitoring: "The sponsor may choose on-site monitoring, a combination of on-site and centralized monitoring, or, where justified, centralized monitoring. The sponsor should document the rationale for the chosen monitoring strategy (e.g., in the monitoring plan)." 


The idea for Mojo Trials was born during the COVID-19 crisis, when Sponsors, CROs, and sites were trying to find ways to continue monitoring ongoing trials without visiting sites in person.  The stopgap solutions are cumbersome and clunky and do not allow for full, continuous monitoring of all aspects of site conduct.  Mojo Trials is ready to deliver seamless virtual monitoring for your trial. 


Mojo Trials delivers continuous, fully virtual site monitoring for your clinical trial.  We offer a complete solution that allows any trial to replace traditional on-site monitoring with completely virtual site monitoring throughout your trial.  Improve quality, reduce trial start-up and database lock timelines, and save a million dollars or more per trial.


Mojo Trials integrates and aligns existing technologies from several partner companies to deliver a seamless solution for Sponsors and sites.  Change is hard.  We understand this, and we are committed to providing an amazing customer experience for all stakeholders, including intensive training and 24/7 customer support.

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